The Biography of Christos Antoniou

Christos Antoniou is a composer who arms the contemporary scene of modern and metal music. He origins from Greece and throughout the years has established his trademark which is the explosive combination of extreme elements from both worlds, metal and modern music. His distinctive musical language confirms his title as a pioneer in the Greek Metal scene who has paved the way for his further international career.

Christos studied composition at the London College of Music under the guidance of Martin Ellerby, Head of the Composition department, acquiring his Bachelor of Music in 1999. He continued his studies in Composition/Orchestration earning his Master’s Degree in Concert Music. Adam Gorb, Head of composition in the Royal Northern College of Music, was among his tutors.

Christos’s restless musical spirit is now livelier than ever before. He creates music for the highly acclaimed band Septicflesh. He is a founding member of Septicflesh, a band with a strong presence in discography and worldwide touring. Septicflesh has combined various styles of rock, such as gothic/death/black metal, with melodies and “classical” elements. An exceptional moment for Christos and his band comes with their album “The Great Mass”, where he exposes all his talent as a composer and arranger of the orchestral parts that very quickly defined Septicflesh as one of the top symphonic-metal bands all over the world. “The Great Mass” reached the charts in France, Germany and Finland. The highly acclaimed albums Titan and Codex Omega followed, in collaboration with producers such as Logan Mader and Jens Bogren. The group is currently working on their new album after signing with one of the world's leading record labels, Nuclear Blast records.

In February of 2019, SEPTICFLESH delivered a historic sold out performance at the Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City. The unforgettable night entitled, “INFERNUS SINFONICA MMXIX", was the largest production of its kind at the venue which included the band and over 130 musicians from the Symphonic Orchestra and National University of Mexico Children's and Youth Choir. This trailblazing event is due to be released on Blueray/DVD in July of 2020.

Christos' unceasing passion for musical experimentation gave birth on 1998 to another band called Chaostar. The five released albums with Chaostar, flirt with experimental classical and contemporary sounds, combined with the gritty musical idioms he acquired from his past experience as one of the composers of Septicflesh.

For six years he held the position of the exclusive composer of UTV/Digi-Guys a 3D company in Ealing Studios, London. Christos has performed in countless global tours and his works have been presented in various countries.

Loudwire, the leading site in metal and hard rock music, named Christos one of the “50 Best Metal Songwriters of All Time!” stating: “Septicflesh have garnered massive attention in their second incarnation since resurrecting the group in 2007, forging a symbiotic relationship between churning, bottom-heavy devastation and the dark romanticism of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. The man responsible for this caustic brand of death-metal is guitarist Christos Antoniou, who also composes all of the orchestration. The band’s masterwork ‘The Great Mass’ is fluid and dynamic, constantly shifting the balance between their death metal roots and the nightmare-fueled orchestra.” (https://loudwire.com/best-metal-songwriters/).

His current projects include the music scores for the video game “Mandragora” and the documentary “Made in Vain”, both in production.